Target Species


Sailfish are one of the most exhilarating billfish to catch.  They are not known for their size. However, the fight in them, the extraordinary aerial displays and the speed bursts more than makes up for their lack of size.  Sailfish typically average 6 feet in length and weigh approx 40 to 50 LBS.  They are caught mainly on light tackle in the Fall thru Spring months.  Please call O-Sea-D if you’d like to set up a battle with one of these warriors.


A.K.A. Xiphius Gladius the Gladiator of the Sea.  A true warrior, these fish not only provide an epic pound for pound tug of war. They are excellent table fare.  Known to be nocturnal feeders, they can, however be caught during the day on electrics in 1500 to 1800 feet of water.  The O-Sea-D has won numerous Swordfish Tournaments and certainly doesn’t fall short on expertise.


Dorado or Mahi Mahi are a South Florida staple.  They can be caught year round, but May and October are typically the money months.  Mahis are extremely fun to catch and display an aerial attack that even Peyton Manning envies.  Table fare is excellent and can be caught offshore trolling or on the reefs flying kites with live bait suspended underneath.


This is the fish that puts us on the map.  The O-Sea-D specializes in Wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and has a number of Tournament victories catching Wahoo.  When a wahoo decides to chow down on a live bait or a lure, you the angler will be in for a reeeel treat!  They give off an initial sizzling run that can melt a spool if not equipped with proper tackle.  In addition, they are excellent to eat and can be prepared in a number of ways.  Our personal favorite, sushi is numero uno.

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin tuna is the mainstay species in South Florida.  They can grow to 35Lbs and caught mostly during the months of April through late June. However, they can be caught during other months just not targeted.  Like their cousin the Yellowfin they provide the angler with a slugfest and the quality of meat is good too.


Cobia is not a common fish caught on the O-Sea-D.  They can show up between November and June on wrecks, turtles, whale sharks, bull sharks or just plain show up in your chum slick.  Be ready though, Cobias can put the tackle to the test.  They are excellent to eat.

Snapper & Grouper

The O-Sea-D always has a rod on the bottom for these tasty species.  Grouper has a season so please call for dates.  Mutton Snapper provide a great battle and can exceed 15lbs here in South Florida.  The yellowtail is by far my favorite snapper due to the quality of the meat.