February 5 Fishing Recap

February sailfish

Full day charter with two gentlemen from Wisconsin.

Picked them up with a livewell full of goggle eyes and sardines. We cleared the inlet at 7:30 and ran north until we found some tide. Our first drift was off the Martini Glass just south of Boynton Inlet and yielded 2 small Kingfish. We made one more drift without a nibble. We got word of a Mahi bite on the north side of Boynton so we reeled them up and made a move a few miles north. Thankfully, that move paid off as we boated 6 nice gaffers within the next 30 minutes. The charter mentioned his bucket list was a sailfish and a tuna. Well, another drift and we’re hooked up to double sails. We got a clean release on both fish and got some nice shots of jumps etc.. The wind picked up out of the south and we knew it would only get worse as the afternoon drew near. We made a set off Hillsboro inlet and low and behold in 220ft of cobalt blue water, an explosion on our frisky sardine off the short kite was a nice surprise, a Blackfin Tuna!  Bucket List, Checked!

Time to head to the barn with a great day for the crew from Wisconsin. Call us today to book your charter.